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CLAN Gathering 2011 Teaching

To download teaching from 2011's main sessions and seminars please CLICK HERE to link to Essential Christian


This section of the website gives you the opportunity to listen to some of the teaching from different CLAN events free of charge.

CLAN Lothians 2012.

Friday Evening - CLAN Lothians Friday evening - Alan McWilliam

Saturday Morning - CLAN Lothians Saturday morning - Alan McWilliam

Saturday Morning - CLAN Lothians Saturday morning - Lynn Alexander

Saturday Afternoon - CLAN Lothians Saturday afternoon - Lynn Alexander

Saturday Evening - CLAN Lothians Saturday evening - Maggie Lane


CLAN Women 2011

Friday Morning - Created to be creative seminar - Charity Bowman-Webb

Friday Afternoon - Throw some flames - Charity Bowman-Webb

Friday Afternoon - CLAN Women Friday afternoon - Andrea Wigglesworth

Friday Evening - CLAN Women Friday evening - Andrea Wigglesworth

Saturday Evening - CLAN Women Saturday Evening - Andrea Wigglesworth


Friday Evening - Confidence - Andy Hall

Saturday Morning - Loosing Weight - Kevin Peat

Saturday Morning - Exploring Prophecy - Rick Hayes

Saturday Morning - Tuning into the God who speaks - Cynthia Hayes

Saturday Morning - The Kingdom of God and Healing - Charles Finnie

Saturday Afternoon - Andy Hall

Saturday Afternoon - Kingdom Discipleship - Charles Finnie

Saturday Afternoon - Kingdom Foundations - Graham Asttes

Saturday Afternoon - Prophetic Words - Rick Hayes

Saturday Evening - Loosing Weight 2 - Kevin Peat

Raising up a missionary movement with Bob Johnson - 2011.

Bob Johnson Friday Morning Session (mp3)

Bob Johnson Friday Evening Session (mp3)

Bob Johnson Saturday Morning Session (mp3)

Bob Johnson Saturday Evening Session (mp3)


Alan McWilliam from CLAN Gathering 2010.

Alan McMcWilliam's teaching on a missionary movement (mp3)


John Arnott from CLAN Gathering 2010

Jon Arnott's teaching on Grace (MP3)