CLAN Women 2011

What an incredible event! God blessed us powerfully from the first song of the first day! The women responded with overflowing worship and no ‘warm up’ was required!

This was my first experience of CLAN . . . it was water to my soul. I will be leaving this event refreshed, uplifted, encouraged and excited to start this new season of my journey with God

We had a team of servants that could be described as close to a miracle, and a creative team that released waves of the Holy Spirit with incredible prophetic art and decor. Over 30 CLAN ministry team came to be healing and transformation bringers as they prayed with faith for many women.

This was my first CLAN and it certainly wont be my last. I have been so enlightened and fulfilled. I am so looking forward to many more!

There were also four ministries who faithfully brought teams to provide healing and prophetic appointments. I met many women as I networked who could hardly put into words how impacted they were by these appointments, and others who were now interested in getting involved in their missions. This is an area of CLAN Women ministry we want to develop.

I have been fed, watered and encouraged. The dream/prophetic ministry team was spot on . . .thank you so much.

Joshua, Moses and Rahab spoke to us through their life decisions. Main and seminar speakers found common themes and scriptures where raised through the event teaching - God was highlighting to the women how to get free from what is holding them back and how to move forward into their own destinies.

This is so needed for women, not just in Scotland - we have come over from Ireland and want to bring a group over next year.

We asked Andrea Wigglesworth, our main speaker, to give me her take on things. She said . . .

‘What I liked about the conference was the clear programme and excellent organisation, the careful planning of seminars streams and the way the praise team were able to gel together. There was an amazing contribution from the "personal appointments" for prayer and prophecy - this was so lovely and the women felt spoiled. There was also the awesome enthusiasm of all the women. This was stunning and made me want to give a spontaneous talk...called 3A's To Awesome!’

The conference itself was excellent and I felt at times it had been planned just for me:-)

This poem was written by Frances Young during our Spiritual Creativity seminar

‘The Portal’

Fronds ripple in the wind, Glass gleams in the sun
  Water falls and falls, Our dam is broken
    His grace is pouring

Healing pours, Dreams flow
  Spiritual comfort, Spiritual challenge
      No fear UNDER THE PORTAL

Do NOT be afraid, I have redeemed YOU
  I have called YOU by your name
    YOU are mine
      YOU who sit now