Become a CLAN Rep


As we work towards our vision of seeking along with our partners to become a missionary movement which will see a vibrant, worshipping, witnessing church in every community and network in Scotland, we wondered if you would help us to spread the word and become a ‘CLAN Rep’?

A CLAN Rep is someone who commits to promote CLAN events within their own church. This may be something you do already (thank you) and by becoming a Rep we will be able to provide you with more information and support.

As a Rep you will be given a ‘CLAN Pack’ which will include everything you need in order to tailor the promotion to suit your church. As well as videos, powerpoint slides, images and flyers, we will help you with a plan to fit any length of presentation, including suggested scripts. Outside of the Sunday service there’s announcement text for bulletins and information to put on your church website, as well as a draft email to send out to the church.

Many churches are interested in the savings that can be made through the group bookings. By working as a CLAN Rep, we can make this process as easy as possible.

We are also looking for Reps who would be willing to promote CLAN in other churches in their area, as requested by that church. These ‘Regional Reps’ could help support church leaders who want to promote CLAN to their congregations.

If you are interested in helping please email